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2022-08-25: A few news items to get caught up:
2022-05-11: Pre-print on our work on Mt. Edgecumbe (L'ùx Shaa) Volcano Inflation is available: We show that inflation started in mid-2018 and is related to a gently westward dipping sill, (regionally) detectable seismicity did not occur until mid 2019.
2022-05-04: Science Advances paper on the connection between the 2020 M7.8 Simeonof, 2021 M8.2 Chignik earthquakes in the larger context of the Alaska-Aleutian Megathrust is out: Cascading rupture of a megathrust. It also includes an initial model for the M7.6 2020 Sand Point strike slip event. GI news release here.
2022-04-14: The lab was well featured at this year's GI award ceremony: Mario received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Revathy presented a flash talk on the 2020-2021 Alaska earthquake sequence, and Ronni received the TK Moore Prize for research - congrats!
2021-10-22: The deep Shumagin gap filled: Kinematic rupture model and slip budget analysis of the 2020 Mw 7.8 Simeonof earthquake constrained by GNSS, global seismic waveforms, and floating InSAR led by Zhuohui Xiao, Wuhan University, published in EPSL today! We were able to integrate floating patches of InSAR resolved deformation on the Shumagin islands into the inversion, constraining the slip model effectively through the deformation gradient on those islands. This paper also provides a review of other slip models for that event to date and we offer an alternative plate coupling model for the region (different regularization, not additional data).
2021-09-20: Alex wins first Schaible Geophysical Institute Fellowship. Huge congrats!


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