Ronni Grapenthin
(he / him / his)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Geophysical Institute
2156 Koyukuk Drive
Fairbanks, AK-99775


2021-02-22: We've implemented a pod for the community-wide Unlearning Racism in the Geosciences (URGE project: ... follow along as we're working on the deliverables.
2021-02-03: We've gotten a recruitment video for the Solid Earth Geophysics group at UAF made:
2020-05-15: New paper Unexpected large eruptions from buoyant magma bodies within viscoelastic crust published in Nature Communications today.
2020-02-06: I put a preprint of a book chapter on GNSS here. Comes with some overview on the theory, and plenty of applications.
2020-02-02: Decadal-scale aquifer dynamics and structural complexities at a municipal wellfield revealed by 25 years of InSAR and recent groundwater temperature observations, published in WRR (for a while already).


Associate Professor of Geophysics / Geodesy at the Department of Geosciences and the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

I deleted all my social media accounts (twitter, linkedin, researchgate, facebook). Please get in touch via email. You may consider doing the same.

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Ronni Grapenthin (he / him / his)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Geophysical Institute
2156 Koyukuk Dr.
Fairbanks, AK-9775

office: Elvey 413B
phone: +1 907-474-7286

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