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volcanoes, earthquakes
and the hydrosphere through geodesy

the lab - 2021


2021-10-22: The deep Shumagin gap filled: Kinematic rupture model and slip budget analysis of the 2020 Mw 7.8 Simeonof earthquake constrained by GNSS, global seismic waveforms, and floating InSAR led by Zhuohui Xiao, Wuhan University, published in EPSL today! We were able to integrate floating patches of InSAR resolved deformation on the Shumagin islands into the inversion, constraining the slip model effectively through the deformation gradient on those islands. This paper also provides a review of other slip models for that event to date and we offer an alternative plate coupling model for the region (different regularization, not additional data).
2021-09-20: Alex wins first Schaible Geophysical Institute Fellowship. Huge congrats!
2021-04-27: We're searching to fill a tenure track position in seismology.
2021-03-12: New paper Ground Deformation After a Caldera Collapse: Contributions of Magma Inflow and Viscoelastic Response to the 2015–2018 Deformation Field Around Bárðarbunga, Iceland led by Siqi Li, U Iceland, published in JGR today. The paper explores the how and whether post-eruptive inflation-like volcano deformation signal can result from viscoelastic relaxation following eruptions (maybe) and how deep magma inflow coupled with reversed slip on caldera faults can create deformation signal similar to that caused by shallow magma inflow using data from Bárðarbunga's 2014-2015 eruption.
2021-02-22: We've implemented a pod for the community-wide Unlearning Racism in the Geosciences (URGE project: ... follow along as we're working on the deliverables.
2021-02-03: We've gotten a recruitment video for the Solid Earth Geophysics group at UAF made:


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