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news (for the last year or so)

2023-09-13: New seminar series News From the Alaska Subduction Zone, co-organized by Julie Elliott, Ronni Grapenthin, and Jeff Freymueller, has started. This will be a one semester, weekly, on-line seminar on recent science related to ... the Alaska Subduction Zone. Join here.
2023-05-25: It's been a busy few months! Another batch of news items for catch up:
2022-08-25: A few news items to get caught up:
2022-05-04: Science Advances paper on the connection between the 2020 M7.8 Simeonof, 2021 M8.2 Chignik earthquakes in the larger context of the Alaska-Aleutian Megathrust is out: Cascading rupture of a megathrust. It also includes an initial model for the M7.6 2020 Sand Point strike slip event. GI news release here.


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